Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Woo! Totally neat updates I bet!

Huh. Been forever, hasn't it? Ah well. I've been BUSY BUSY!!

Because I like mah ICanHasCheezburger stuffs, I created a profile there. Then I found that all my comments had some really dumpy avatar, so I created a Wordpress account and changed that.

Well anyway, I've decided to maybe possibly run a Wordpress blog in parallel with this one at http://samakhun.wordpress.com/about/.

Not only that but I've also been encouraged to open a Digg account (via Iron Realms's new news posty thing on their website and of course, the lure of a free credit per digg) and then on top of THAT I also got me a Tumblr account. Sheesh! I don't even LIKE Tumblr, but there was a few profiles that were posting pictures and I wanted to follow them kinda. Though I found an RSS feed from each of those accounts and am able to follow despite having my own account there or not. Whatever..maybe I'll just close it. If I can.

So yeah! I'm still here. Still alive and kicking.

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