Monday, April 25, 2011

TFG Update

Okay, so I assume it'd probably be worthwhile to go updating THIS old thing. There are a few things which I've done recently and not even mentioned!
  1. You can view blogger in a whole new way!:
  2. Huge TFG Website updates: I've changed the layout of the Fairy Garden website completely and done a few major updates, such as a twitter feed which I'm currently manually updating every time I make an in-game or website news post.
  3. Achaea: Congratulations to Stephine for winning the freaking April 2011 Great Hunt! OMG!!!! Now she can get her pet, right? ;)
  4. More Blogger: I'ma going to get some of the web buttons for MU*'s to put on the layout of this blog. It'll be kinda nice to have anyway, although a little meh maybe. Lemme know what you think if you want to.
Anyway, I know it was a fairly outline-based update, but I'm still here! -Samakhulis Moonflair

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