Monday, December 6, 2010

Tsol'dasi...a BIG surprise

Favonius. What a guy! This morning, I was puzzling over the Cabal of Life, a temple in the newly-discovered city of Istarion. You can't get into it unless you're an initiate of the Order of Life..of course the priestess will give you a quest to do if you want to become one.

I finished THAT quest and she pointed me to another person who only spoke the local language, Tsol'dasi. And I couldn't understand a word of it.

Later I asked Favonius about it and he said that there was a quest he did not figure out yet, but was in the process of. And he needed some help. So just tonight, I teamed up with him and we figured out the quest of the Two Trees! And you do not get hints. So HA!

What's the prize? It's a SUR-PRISE. But it is sooo cool. Long story short, now I'm in the process of becoming an initiate of the Order of Life, which involved first the Achaean quest and then the Tsol'dasi quest, both of which I managed to finish. I just hope this doesn't conflict with the Divine Order of Sleep and Dreams..we'll see. And if it does, I'll ask my Lady to fix it for me. Hmm..I really hope it doesn't conflict.

Sarita is now the third to learn the Tsol'dasi language, Favonius being the second.


  1. I was first into the Cabal building though, via Evade! -Lynara

  2. Then -Evadne- was first. You only followed/evaded in AFTER her.


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