Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Herb Guide

Now that Firien's found my herb guide, I got to thinking about it a bit and came up with a great new idea! How about if I make it calculate prices by using a discount percentage!

So I did. I added another page to the price guide that will allow you to enter friend discount, house (org) discount, and everyone discount from the Oakstone minimum. And this will ripple all the way through everything in your list.

Also, I added another column that lets you set an absolute minimum you will be willing to part with the herb for. For the economist, this is a price floor. If the discount pushes the final price below the minimum, the minimum will kick in and force the price back up. Of course, this is a requirement in the case of Mending and Restoration which require Rurin-set diamond dust and a set gold value respectively.

In addition to all this, I did a few minor edits that prevent you from selecting and editing the grey areas. However, I haven't done this for copyright reasons and so the sheet protection is without a password. In Excel, you can just Tools/Protection/Unprotect Sheet and everything will be normal.

Anyhow, these new features have been added to the whole file. The old one is still included if you don't like the new features.

I suppose you still want it, eh?

Here it is: http://cid-95ca1e074aa3e174.office.live.com/view.aspx/.Public/Tools/Herb%20Price%20Guide%20v2.xls

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