Friday, April 30, 2010


Whee!! New boat! I bought myself (after probably a year or more of saving up) a windcutter.

I didn't know about that neat prompt line either until I got on board for the first time and then I freaked out. And I've written a really neat MUSHClient miniwindow script to display all the information from the cryptic prompt into a graphical format! Lemme see. I have a screenshot around here someplace.

It's a screenshot of a test run in the Fairy Garden where I can put my own values in and that's why there's 15 wind but I'm not moving at all...But in any case, that's what it looks like!

Current goal: catch up all the deepsea bait Stephine gave me yesterday, plus the stuff I caught myself, which is like 30-40 total. And also, work crew wages down to something more reasonable (it's at like 210g per day right now and I noticed that the house ship is super-low and the crew is happy with it anyway) without dropping below simmering mood, which is where they're at right now.

Yay! How fun is this! :)

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