Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy times and not so happy times

Heh. It was amusing, really, in reality. Recently I had a run-in with a member of the Qashar clan, some weird new Shallam-fighter club. Anyhow, one member had prism'd into my house in Ashtan not long ago and just kinda hung out for a while before he finally left. Then about a month or two later, he prism'd in again, but this time was gated to by members of his clan. Well, there was a nice little duel/fight right in my house, which the city of Ashtan did not like. Of course, the whole time I had no idea what was going on and why MY property was being targetted for trespassing. But of course, Ashtan didn't take it lightly and thusly boarded my house up. So now I have numerous assets tied up in the Ashtan subdivision which I cannot get to. It's okay though. I've finally calmed down, as I was pretty upset before. But honestly, if I were ever able to get in, I would demolish the house, build a few more rooms elsewhere, move my bed artifact there and finish destroying the Ashtan house. Of course, moving the bed costs 250 credits, which is something like 5/6ths the original cost, and destroying the entire house would give me somewhere around 390 credits or so. So I'd be left with 150 or so, maybe less. It's depressing, really, but I'm finding big houses are difficult to maintain.

Update on the Fairy Garden! I've been building building building! And I added a few tools found on, plus a few more that I developed by myself. And besides that, I'm in the middle of uploading zMapper images to Skydrive, so those should be available sometime later tonight.

That's all the interesting things for now I think. If I've forgotten any, well let me know :P.

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