Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fairy Garden Info

For those of you who have access (manually created account) at the Fairy Garden, here is the Telnet connection information:

Address -
Port - 3349

I prefer MUSHClient for a manual client. It's VERY lightweight initially but can be expanded to a super-bogged down system if you so desire. Mushclient Download

Setting up MUSHClient: File>New World and No to 'Load from another world.' Go into File>World Properties once the black world window is created and select the IP Address choice on the left-hand list. Type the above address and port into their respective boxes and then select the Connecting selection in the left-hand list. If you wish to auto-connect, you will type in your username and password (which I give you myself) and then make sure you select MUSH/MOO (CONNECT name password) in the Connect dropdown. You can now OK out and click the connect button which is....the third button from the left on the World Toolbar. The menu alternatives for connecting are Connection>Connect or Crtl-K.

Remind me if I don't do this, but I'll get connection details in for ZMUD also if you need them.

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