Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Three comments shoves the druid into action

So I got three comments from Skegonga and I decided that now would be a beautiful time to say something, as I haven't for a while! So...what am I supposed to say? Oh! I explored some and got my new explorer ranking and I am soooo excited. It was about one or two weeks ago in the Griesly Manor. Unfortunately though, the entire populous near my ranking has been upity-ing up the scale WITH me, so I didn't actually gain any rank points at all. Instead, Terran Master just kind of floated on down to me *sigh*. Still, I got it, and that's fun fun fun! Besides that, not a lot has been happening. I almost have level 82. I'm VERY excited about that. Less than 10% to go maybe. I haven't been finding enough time to do quests or hunt anything very nice as of late, just because I been out and busy so much. But besides that, everything's well. Hmm...I'm not sure what to say now. Maybe I'll leave and come back when something interesting happens. -Samakhulis

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