Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Fairy Garden

New PennMUSH is LIVE!! Whee! I'm so excited.
Port: 3349

Right now I don't have character creation enabled, so you'll have to email me or contact me in-game with one of the guest accounts what you want your name and password to be.

So, this would be in official terms, beta stage. Nothing is very interesting. Two areas, a plain and a forest..oh and a big tree inside the forest. Plus all the storage rooms and stuff. Anyhow, all you thousands of fans of mine (actually, three or four from what I can tell from the comments) can try it out if you want. Ideas are already pouring in from people..Loreen in particular. I'll have to sort through them and figure out what I want. But for now, it's just a basic 'let's get it working and make it interesting too' kind of stage.

We'll see. Let me know!

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