Monday, September 28, 2009

9-28-09 So, it looks as if I'm finally being 'discovered' here. Nixxe just found it and went crazy..well, I don't know if CRAZY is the right word, but it was sure funny. So that makes four or five people now that have commented at all...maybe more see it.

So there's this staircase in Pandora's temple. And the railing disappears right up there at the top. And I discovered you can jump off..but it's not very nice when you jump off. I was going to say something, but then I figured I'd get in trouble for saying anything AGAINST Her, so I didn't. But this isn't THERE, is it? I hope not. Because Mischief is trouble...and when you can't get rescued because of mischievous kill rooms, well, praying is a HUGE hit on one's experience. So I've been spending the last three months trying to get back up to where I WAS in my level. How annoying. How perfectly annoying. DID do some good because I've made about 25000 gold out of it all, which is really really nice.

I been getting ideas about updating my affliction list. There were a few comments as to how nice it is to have. But I haven't touched that thing for a VERY long time. So I'm not's been so long in fact, that I'm not sure I can get everything there is to get.

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