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Wed. June 4, 2008 - Denizen Afflictions List Part 1

Denizen Afflictions List Part 1

Here is a list I've been working on that puts together some specific Denizens and their afflictions that they can hit you with:

Imp - None
Pixie - None
Hellcat - None
Pygmy - None
Kobold - None

Actar Valley:
Goat - None
Rabbit - None
Crow - Runs away
Deer - None
War Goat - None
Cyclops - None
Halfling - None
Fish - None
Ghost - None
Owl - None

Hare - None
Gour - Unknown

Mohjave Desert:
Rattlesnake - None (Can Flay)
Sidewinder - None (Can Flay)
Hyena - None
Monitor Lizard - None
Gecko Lizard - Unknown (too weak and dies after first hit)
Jarbo - None
Coyote - None
Unformed Thing - Stun (may also have venom)
Scorpion - Paralyse, Stupidity (yellow are aggressive)

Great Rock:
Stirge - None
Cerberus - None
Cultist - None
Bearnath - Shield
Beastlord - Shield
Ophidians - Loki (can flay Sileris)
Beetle - Unknown
Arinas - Unknown
Kasha - Unknown
Lotash - Unknown
Slug - Electricity (no effect, but strong)

Black Forest:
Boar - Runs away
Wolf - None
Grizzly - Equilibrium strip
Woodsnake - Curare (following command not followed) and Epilepsy
Fisher - None; causes a lot of bleeding

Fox - None
Rabbit - None
Basilisk - Paralysis
Grizzly - Equilibrium Strip
Black Bear - Leg Break

Western Vashnars:
Sheep - None
Mt. Lion - None

Dun Valley:
Opossum - None
Frog - None
Crab - None
Lion - None
Snake - None
Gorilla - None
Hippo - Stun
Elephant - Stun
Elephant - Stun
Soul - Freezing
Wight - None
Warthog - None
Rat - Venom
Beetle - None
Water Strider - Venom
Mud Crab - None
Swamp Wyvern - Flame
Crocodile - None
Parrot - None
Jaguar - None
Piranha - None

Dun Fortress:
Ogre - None
Orc - None
Xulu (Orc Witchdoctor) - Flame
Ogre Mage - Freezing
Water Snake (Sewer) - Unaffecting venom (only really hard health hit)

Zanzibaar Island:
Cobra - Loki, Paralysis due to hypnotism

Green Lake:
Bear - None
Python - None
Fox - Runs away
Mosquito - Lose Footing
Horned Toad - Lose Footing
Clam - None
Eel - None
Pelican - Lose Footing
Flies - None
Qurnok - DSTAB Loki
Muskrat - Loki (got me with Voyria)
Troll - Unknown
Crocodile - None
Frog - None
Catfish - None

Siroccian Mountains:
Wolverine - None
Skunk - Stink
Treesnake - Voyria
Dwarves - None
Orcs - None

Salmon - Blindness
Oyster - Blindness
Carp - None

North Ithmia:
Lamassou - None
Tamarin - None
Buckawn - None

East Ithmia:
White Elk - None

Gnoll - None
Mingruk - None

Dream Horror - Web, Venom (can flay)

Mhaldor Isle:
Leviathan - Doesn't need any tricks.
Lycopod - Lose Footing, Web

Isle of Harae:
Wasp - Unknown, VERY nasty

Gypsy Village and Enverren Marsh:
Gypsy - Unknown
Mosquito - None
Slugfish - None
Rat - None
Glubber - None
Salamandrin - Venom (cannot flay)
Glubbian - Unknown
Enverren - Unknown
Bubblefish - Stun

Slugbeast - Flame, Lose Footing, Web
Buckawn - None
Buckawn Mage - Freezing
Zombie - None

Xhaiden Dale:
Weasel - None
Yak - Loose Footing, Crushes Limbs
Rajamala Villager - Unknown
Coyote - None
Mole - None
Ishkynd Worm - Venom, Breaks Legs (can result in lost footing)
Water Strider - Flame from Acid, Blindness
Crane - None
Caribou - Loose Footing
Veshina - Cold

Balai - Freezing
Moose - Lose Footing
Stag - Lose Footing
Fawn - Flees
Doe - Flees
Bobcat - None
Buck - None
Balai - Frost
Drunken Pirate - None
Jarvace - Chases
Oyster - Blindness

Magma Caverns:
Beetle - Blackout
Wyrm - Flame
Ancient Wyrm - Deafness, defoot
Leech - Flame (I think)
Nuskuwen - None
Spindly Fire Centipede thingy - Flame
Wyrm Lord - Holocaust super-hit (3000+ health)
Whelp - None

Southern Vashnars:
Drake - Freeze
Grizzly - Equilibrium Strip
Manticore - None (Rear Cave Manticores are VERY hard-hitting)

Here is a list of the denizen probe descriptions in descending strength.
Almost glows with nearly god-like power
Does not even register your presence as a threat
Exudes an aura of overwhelming power
Has an air of extreme strength
Looks to be crushingly strong
Appears to be extraordinarily strong*
Is quite powerful
Is not one to be trifled with
Seems strong and confident
Exudes a quiet confidence
Seems to be unafraid
Appears to lack strength
Does not look particularly dangerous
Is a humble-looking creature
Looks relatively helpless
Looks weak and feeble

Note: as the Help scroll says, these descriptions are absolute. They are not based off of your current strength. They will be the same for everyone.

So, at Level 59, being a 20-year-old Druid with a Hyena Morph and a flailed quarterstaff, I have found that I can take out the White Elk of the Eastern Ithmian Forest, which registers as a Strong and Confident Denizen. I tried a Black Lamassou of North Ithmia, but she brought me down into the red at Not One to be Trifled With. I have a feeling that some Denizens hit harder than others, even if they have the same strength.

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