Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hi everybody (all two or three of you)! Are I crazy or what? I feel totally nuts. So I found some time to spend in the Realm, which has proved very exciting. Of course, hanging out with friends sure kills the hunting and harvesting and exploring time I like so well, but that's to be expected and besides, I think I find my friends to be a whole lot more interesting.

Oh, I suppose you want an update on all my exploration activities and things. After all, nothing useful has been posted here since like March..except for the comic and the inspiration from Alynia..

So a few new places opened up (mostly islands) such as Lothos, Meropis, and some island south of Meropis. I managed to go to Lothos a while back and also was able to complete my attestation of the Marque of Unquestioned Seaworthiness (or whatever it's called when you complete it). So I can sail and everything, although nobody's let me yet.

Maybe someday I'll buy my own boat and be happy sailing all by myself.

As for quests, I discovered how to find the Skolef in Green Lake. It's some wierd tentacle creature that can wrap you up and pin you against the wall. Nasty. Anyway, it's Green Lake and that's all you get for finding him. But either way, he's really cool.

Anything else of note? Not really. Actually, there IS some things such as Kongregate and how much I like it. But that's OOC and irrelevant.

OH! Another OOC-ish thing. Did I mention PennMUSH? I think I did..however, I've discovered a TON more on how to develop stuff. In fact, I discovered a whole website with a bunch of examples and tools and I can break them down and find out how things work and...well...things like that. I'm loving it!

Loreen? She's well. Have I mentioned Loreen? She's the BEST Xorani gal a little fairy like me could ever dream of. All my friends like her too, I think. I hope...

Anyhow, I think that's it for now. Maybe I'll also include PennMUSH tools and tips here. Or not..but maybe I will. Still I want to keep some of my ideas to myself, y'know. But with the amount of support (or lack of, I should say) I see online, SOMEBODY'S got to have SOMETHING on that whole system. And it might just have to be me if I can't find somebody else.

Okay. I'm done. Take care, ya'll!

-Sama M.

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  1. Squeee! The Skolef's so cuddly! And cute!


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