Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sheesh, seems like it's been forever! Well, I'll bring it up to date. I've started my patrol path, which means I'm patrolling one of each of the different kinds of terrains in Achaea. Just today, I did my yearly patrol of the Black Forest. In fact, let me quick do something while I'm thinking of it.

Okay, I'm back! I just scanned my hand-drawn map of the Black Forest, with my reference designators on it (personal room numbers). At least I'll be able to point to this image if anyone asks what I mean when I say "Room 38 change to blah." That's the idea!

That's it for now. Not much else, except I did start a Facebook in order to get that extra 25% XP Gain when I level up (and I am now at 70 (woot)). I probably won't use the Facebook thing, since I think that sort of thing is dumb, but I DO like the gain, so I'll just let it sit, like the Pentad suggests if you don't like Facebook and now I'm rambling so I'd better shut up!

Anyhow, enjoy the map...oh yeah, I'd better at least upload and give reference here! :)

Stupid computer...I just scanned the map, and it turned out to be 11x17 600dpi, which essentially came to 10200x6000 px. Well, I'm resizing to somewhere around 1000px high, like a photo, and the resize hit the memory like crazy. In fact everything else has been pushed to the bottom, and my pagefile is having a real time of it. Hopefully it'll finish soon. It's been already 5 minutes at least.......okay!! Now it's done! Here we go:

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