Sunday, August 2, 2009


Early in the month, I spent my time learning the Grove skill from the dear Druidess Nixxe. After attaining the Rain ability, we discussed a few things before she moved on. That was in the early month.

Later in the month, I travelled to the deep Southern Vashnars where I climbed Mount Nicator to enter Erymanthus - The flying island above the mountin. I had visited it before while gaining my Voyager status, but it turns out I had not seen it all. I had only experienced the lower level of Erymanthus above the misty ascent from the gates. Here there was a waterway and a huge forest. But after wandering around some, I came upon a steep rise of a mountain. Finding that I could climb it, I did and discovered at the top a village known as Arcadia, where winged Atavians live. Of course, me being an Atavian, everyone there made me feel welcome.

Arcadia was reached by first wandering around the Erymanthus forest for a while, and then finding a cave, which I entered. This cave deepened into a long tunnel, which came out on the face of a hill. Climbing the hill, and following the path, I soon came to the gates, where I was greeted by the gatekeeper and addressed as "Dear Sister."

Inside were somewhere around four to five different levels of city. Each level contained guards and archers. The first level consisted of the Plebians. Second was the farmers. Third level was the royalty. Fourth level was a market (in which the merchants did not sell anything). Fifth level was a university. In the middle of the university was a path that led to the top of Erymanthus and into the clouds where Lord Vastar's Arcadian Temple was located. The temple is called the Sky Tower in which Cassandra, the healer-priestess resides. Of course why should I tell you about it. You can read it all for yourself at

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