Sunday, August 2, 2009


I really love this Father's Day gift for us all. 30 free credits!! WOW!! That's something like a free artefact vial from Moghedu. I'm not sure what I should spend mine on yet. I usually tend toward the lessons, since I have not transed in anything yet.

So, today, I did not get a lot done. I've been trying to put together a list of denizens and their tricky afflictions. I've gotten a fair list so far. Like the Worms in the Dakhota Hills have limb-breaking. Land-striders can set you on fire, blind you and poison you, or is that the worms? Things like that. Treesnakes inject voyria.

Not much else. I was in the realm for about a half-day today, and I think I can get in a few more days later. Where is that Aohara when I need her? She's my mentor and she says she's been busy. With these 30 credits I'll have plenty of learning to do and I want to wait for her so she can benefit from teaching me. But on the other hand, I want to keep learning so I can gain more abilities, such as, say, harvesting. Hmm. I've gotten pretty far to level 60, and at 60 I'll be getting another 10 credits, as usual, so I'll have 60 more lessons to burn, or maybe I'll break down and buy a vial or two. HMM!! This requires thought. What ever shall I do? And on top of that I've been trying to increase my income on the credit market.

Okay...enough ranting and dreaming. Because of the nature of myself, I'm going to post my list of denizens and their afflictions so everyone can benefit. The list is not going to be complete, nor do I have every single Denizen in Achaea listed, so it'll be spanning over a number of posts. I'll do my best though.

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