Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay, so I was in fairly early this month. Ack...I can't seem to figure out this time to time conversion. For some reason Iron Realms has us assume that one month is one 24-hour day. But for some odd reason, the "new-month" day shifts from one hour to the next. Using their conversion in the help scrolls I have calculated one Achaean month to be 1.2 days, but for some reason the math is off or I don't take something into account.
So, anyway, early this month (I think), I was in the Realm butterflying and ratting to try to make money because my health vials had run dry. I learned last month that Mhaldor consists of a city AND an island. I can't go to the city, but I can go to the island, which I did and found this wierd creature called a Lycopod. A probe of it showed that it is a huge carnivorous plant that can attack you, knock you off your feet and web you. I'm going to have to create a reflex for it.
On the way back was a small path to the Dakhota Hills, where I discovered a quest involving Flemming, the Ka'ah Botanist. That's all I'll say for that.
Doing a vanity search on myself showed that this blog has not been spidered yet, but my name HAS showed on a listing on the Achaea forums! Click Here to see. Of course, this was just a QW (quick-who) in a log, and nothing more.

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