Sunday, August 2, 2009

6-24-08 seems I've forgotten about this for a while. Well, not all that long, compared to other things I forget. But anyway, I'll do my best to bring you up to date.

So I've been hanging out, getting gold and getting stronger too. I found a new place for gold, only it's a bit higher level than most. You will note that I have mentioned Actar as being good for fresh-out-of-newbie-schoolers. Well, there's another that I would say is good for those who are fairly strong, and can take out a low-hitting Extrodinary Power denizen.

It turns out that the strongest I can take is probably the wolves and boars in the Black Forest. These are classified as the "Appears to be Extraordinarily Strong" types and I have died frequently to them in the last few months. Most people equate your strength with your level, but I have found that this is not always the case. Defences and experience in certain skills affect your percentage strength also. I mean, I figure a good solid experience-gain denizen should be easy to kill, but not too easy. It should not hit too hard and yet, if it doesn't hit hard enough, you will not gain much. I have found that most Extraordinarily Strong denizens will hit, and I can hold out just long enough to kill them, but they slowly wear on my health and more often than not I have to retreat in order to regain health. The wolves in Black Forest are this way.

Anyway...back to the place. It's the island of Ulangi. If you've been around a while, you know about it, not only because it's there, but because IronRealms has included a map with it. So here it is: Ulangi. Very nice for making gold. It includes some rather strong buck deer, and extraordinarily strong moose. Both of these have extremely high gold return, which I really like. They amount to about 8 Actar goats each (a little more than 600 gold). And there are quite a few, so you will get a credit's worth of gold in no time. Plus there are a few quests that you can discover that have very high return (I just completed the Pirate Treasure one).

So I've been hanging out there. In fact, I have my soul "bookmarked" there for when I return because too many people were hanging out and making all the gold in the world, while I struggled to find any serious game to hunt (they hogged it all first).

Another trick I just came up with...that is Grove Vigour. It boosts your health about a third per hit. Very nice. I didn't remember it and because of it I've died I don't know how many times in my grove when I could have sacrificed a hit on the denizen for a Vigour boost. Unfortunately, last time I tried it, I almost died, so it still didn't do much good. I think the problem is that I'm not used to using it. I'll have to practice on them wolves.

I've been at level 62 for the past 3 months and can't seem to get further. I'm hovering at 63 and for some reason keep dying to stuff and dropping below. This happened at least three times just this month. Fortunately I used those 5 lessons before I died the last time, so I had my abilities heightened before I died.

More later...because I can't think of anything else.

One more thing I month is my birthday. I'll be turning 22 I think!

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