Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay...from here out I probably should journal in first person, rather than third as I have been doing.

So, last month, I was hanging out in Dun Valley. Of course, there, there are creatures that will attack because they are hungry. I have found that some places just leave you alone, while others attack for no reason, and still others attack if you stay too long.

Dun Valley is one place that for the most part leaves you alone, except for the occasional mountain lion or jaguar. These cats will attack because they are hungry. Alas, against a house recommendation I got to daydreaming (I left the MUD open without actually playing), and a mountain lion got me before I had time to get back to it. I mean, these things hit fairly hard, so it made quick work of me. This keeps happening to me. I'll start attacking something and then I get sidetracked out-of-character and the animal finishes me off.

The only creatures that will eventually leave are rats. If you are strong enough, you can attack any rat and then sit there and it will eventually leave. Everything else, however, will keep attacking to the death.

I have this feeling that my fellow druids are getting pretty fed up with me always dying (at LEAST once a month). Fortunately I think I've gotten a system down. The idea is that if you write in a journal or in the news, thus starting the text editor, you technically enter another plane where nothing can bother you. Unfortunately you must have full mana and health to write anything.

So my idea is to create a sort of reflex that will restore health to 100%, meditate to 100% (or sip mana), and then enter the journal as a sort of "pause." Of course, that will assume that something will not come along right then and attack me, which would throw off my 100% health. Iron Realms does not like auto-playing. In fact it's a BIG violation, so I don't know how far I can go (such as "sip health" whenever HP falls under 100%).

That's all for now. I hope to be able to do this rather frequently.

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