Sunday, August 2, 2009


This month was a bit more boring than others I've seen. Probably because I've been busy with other things. But I did manage to get a few days in the realms later on. And I learned all about prickly pear from the dear fellow Apprentice, Druuna. Actually, we're no longer titled apprentices, but whatever. Druuna's the same house ranking, and yet she's been around a LOT LONGER than me, so she knows her way around.

I finally found the cyclops village in the Vashnars. It's on the way to Actar, only instead of going southeast from the turnoff, you go east and up the trail aways. I also learned that heading down-river, you can jump off of a waterfall and land near the island in Actar. That was pretty fun. And I didn't even break anything! It was like and indian canoeing of the waterfall and landing without sinking. Of course, I couldn't get back up without going all the way around again, but it was exciting!

Other things. Not much else. A quick bit of advice...if going to the Shala'jen Monestary, DO NOT go into the cave down in the canyon below. That is the hangout of the Prince of Thieves, and since I got my vials stolen by an Adventurer a couple months ago, I was not prepared with immunity when the prince hit me with Voyria. Thankfully the others in the house were aware and got me resurrected rather quickly. With all this dying (and I am good at it), I'm finally beginning to learn some strategy in order to get resurrected as quickly as possible. Of course, having the Resurrection ability would be awfully nice, but I'm not there yet.

One big annoyance...people keep killing the cyclops in Actar. He gives good gold! Please don't!

Anyway, that's all for now. I bought a new game called Myst Uru...Complete Chronicles, so I have a new deterrent to keep me away, but I'll try to get as much time in as possible.

And a note to Profit...if he reads this. You may have gotten my journal, but you can't get my logs. *tongue Profit* I HAVE BACKUP. And you won't find much in there to help you, so HA!!!

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