Sunday, August 2, 2009


Wow, I've been out of the loop for a few months. Probably just trying to get something actually interesting to talk about. Which I did! Our dear Rinji got engaged this month! Actually it was even on the New Year. And who's the lucky lady? Why, it's Miss Linelle! Congratulations to them both! (Oh, and Happy New Year!)

On a different note, before the festivities and a few months ago, I got to kill my first wolf in the Black Forest! I'm so excited. Of course, I had to retreat to heal about five times, because he hit hard and my health elixer could not keep up. But I did it, and gained a bit of experience (more than the usual quarter percent).

A few of you, and others from different houses, have been asking about quests after the newbie area. Well, there are many, many places you can go. From fresh out of newbie training, a good money-maker is the valley of Actar. Experience can be gained there as well as in the Great Rock and the Enverin Marsh. If I'm not busy, you can send me an in-game tell, and I'll see if I can help you out.

Of course there's always the little animals like the jarbo and gecko lizard in the Mohjave Desert, as well as rabbits, groundhogs and what not everywhere else. The big advice you will get from anyone is PROBE THE CREATURE before attacking. Recall my previous post showing levels of Denizen strength and their respective descriptions. Figure out what you can handle and stick to that strength until you advance in the circles. Be aware that not all denizens who look "weak and feeble" will have the same attack scheme. A rattlesnake is rather weak, but venomous. Some denizens web in order to trap you so you can't move. Others hit rather hard but will die within a couple of hits, while others don't hit that hard but, for some reason, keep on living.

All in all, experiment and if you are getting low in health, get away. Don't live by the old hunting saying of "put it out of its misery." Don't feel sorry for it. Remember that if you leave for a long while, it will go to sleep to regenerate its health, just like you do, and will be chipper and ready for the second round in a few minutes. And if you die, just remember that the Great Mother Maya is waiting for you.

Another idea from leaving the Newbies: if you have not already done so, you can work on your tasks. No doubt you have already seen some, as catching butterflies from Vellis and buying vials from Seasone will accomplish those respective tasks. There are some tougher ones though. You can get hints by looking at TASK DETAILS. Some fun ones for druids are the fire drill and the scavenger hunt tasks.

So here's the rest of the story...late into the month, I attended an anti-theft class. Hopefully I'll be able to deter any more attempts at this sort of thing, as I have been targetted by a few others lately. I won't tell my secrets, as that will give them strategy on how to circumvent them. Heh. But I will say this. It's going to be harder from here out.

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