Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay, so I'm kind of mad and at the same time upset. Who wouldn't be? I mean, our house head, Kaiya, just retired, dormanted and disappeared seemingly forever. If I thought swearing were ethical, I'd swear right now! Kaiya, I must say, was the best head I've ever seen in the house. Of course, up until now, she was the ONLY head I have seen in the house, so you can see where I'm coming from. But golly! If it weren't so sudden and if she hadn't went so darned DORMANT, I might be in a bit of a better mood.

Okay, I must confess..the previous paragraph is written in anger, because for the first month after the announcement and actual leaving, I was depressed. But depression was no good, as it was making me loose sleep IRL and all other kinds of problems. I figure being angry is better than being depressed. At least brooding in anger seems to feel a little better than brooding in depression. Either way, it still makes me really sad to see her leave, especially in this manner. That's all for that. Except I wish...oh never mind.

On a happier note: between now and the last post, I have gotten married (Loreen), gotten a bloodlined mother (Aohara) and almost finished my schooling in the Druids. So HA!!

I'm not done with the Kaiya issue though. Between the first of the year and now, it seems that she's been spending less time in the realm, and I suppose that's to prepare all of us. Still, her departure was rather sudden and heart-wrenching. I SO want to swear. Darn it! I'm so mad. Of course, when something like this happens, you kind of lose your motivation for anything, as I have. I mean..its not like she hawked over my shoulder on everything, nor did she have much of a personal relationship with me as she did with others, so I felt pretty much on my own anyway, but the leaving has still killed my motivation. There. I'm done now.

So what else? Um..I won a few arena spars against Soopay. And boy do I get ribbing about that!

Oh! Another thing! On an OOC note, I downloaded PennMUSH from Nick Gammon's website and that is pretty darn cool if you can figure it out. It's not as customized as Achaea, but hey..twelve years makes for a pretty customized game, compared to a month of figuring out a whole new MUD engine. Plus, this one doesn't seem to MUDdy, as you can't really kill stuff all that nicely. Just one "kill" command and that gives the target a bit of gold and sends them to their set "home." That's all..pretty boring if you ask me. Of course, all the forums say that the only real way to customize is to know C++ and to edit the source code and recompile. But there's only a few problems with that. 1) I don't know C++, 2) I don't have time to learn, and 3) I don't have a compiler, nor do I have the time to find one and learn IT! So I'll live with the base engine. Good note is that I've created a world of about 2500 rooms so far. No..not 2500 rooms. But 2500 THINGS including players, rooms, exits and objects. And exits are a lot more plentiful than rooms..for obvious reasons. Each apparent exit is two exits as you have to have a return path for normal travel. Of course, you could do the Lady Eris thing and go north to one room and south to a completely different room, rather than returning to the one you just left..if that makes sense. One more rambling..I created something called the Font of Life and if you @pemit #110 = help (That's YELL TO FONT, "HELP" in semi-Achaean) you are transported INSIDE it which exists in the Room 2, which is the starting point. Pretty cool if you ask me. That's the most in-depth I've been with object customization. I can't figure out how to do the delayed-reset on objects. Nick's example was wander into a bunch of shops and if you have objects in your INVENTORY, then you can enter, otherwise the shop owner snarls at you and throws you out. It didn't really work too well for me, but I suppose if you want to get really IN-Character, that's the best way to do it. I DO prefer the IRE method of GIVE OBJECT TO THING and get gold back...but again, I don't have time to do figure that out yet.

For now, I'll stick with Achaea and I'm done rambling and Kaiya, you'd better either get back in the groove or give a good explanation for leaving, including some encouragement. I so need an explanation or encouraging word. The 'rememberances' are NOT encouraging one bit. Like "she WAS.." or "remember the time when she..." I mean, just leaving WITHOUT explanation is, in my opinion, uncalled for. I'm sure SOMEBODY got an explanation, but the only thing I heard was "I'm gone, not coming back, and here's the keys. See ya!"

Okay, Sama...shut up now.

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