Sunday, August 2, 2009


I freaked myself out! While searching on lore about the Ka'ahlen Swamp in Xhaiden Dale, I saw my name pop up on a Google search! Well, I'm one to try and follow directions and not give away quest solutions, so I went in to the link to see what I had given away. Turns out it was just a hint that the quest described existed. Whew!

Anyway, big news!! I've killed my first grizzly! I'm so excited! Actually, they aren't that bad, except when they take a bite of your head. Now THAT hurts. I'll have to go back in the logs to see how much one of those types of attacks hit for. I don't quite remember. But it was something around 600-800hp. A lot when they've already worn you down to 1200hp total. And they're a little quicker than you might expect. Probably 110-120% faster than I am at regaining balance as an Atavian. So they can hit two times to my one every once in a while.'s almost Mayaween (obviously to correspond with Oct. 31) and there is festivity decor to be sold in New Thera. Well, I bought a jack-o-lantern and a scarecrow for my grove. Well, the scarecrow is going to last through the holiday, but the pumpkin is only good for 5 days, meaning that it will decay before the actual holiday rolls around. So I'll have to buy another. Anyway, I was just resting to regain endurance here while typing this out and I saw the jack-o-lantern grin dark and wickedly. Even though it didn't move. Freaky. I suppose waiting around in one room for a long time will cause things like that to happen.

Okay, update - I turned 31 about 6 months ago, and I'm on level 75 (Almighty) and 55% through it. Wow! I may hit 80 pretty soon here, in which case I will gain stability while flying! I can't wait. And I'm 1606 lessons in to Groves, which means I have 130 left! I've never gotten this far in a skill before. I haven't gotten my hypercure yet, but it's coming soon. I mean, 8.5 lessons per regular credit = 16 credits to trans in groves, with a few lessons left over! Woo! And I can probably get 2 credits per day if it is a good day, and one if it is slow. And on top of THAT, there's October's lesson bonus of one lesson per credit-lesson conversion, meaning that each unbound credit is worth 9.5 lessons! Which doing the math again, comes out to 14 credits instead of 16! A HUGE savings of 2 credits worth. Haha.

I'm thinking...I have a spreadsheet I use to budget my Achaean bank account. Maybe I should attach that somehow. Put it on a public drive somewhere or something. It's really useful, actually. I have categories for lesson credits, artefact credits, housing, credit sales, mounts and general spending. Plus there are a few columns to allocate where free or unallocated credits will go (if I win or buy one not from either the housing, lessons or artefact funds). It's not perfect, but it's really quite useful, as I know that I can't just pull all the gold from my bank account and spend it frivilously on lessons. I used to, and I still don't have any artefacts. Of course, the way to do artefacts is to buy them online, but I don't want to do that just yet. I don't have enough stupidity to waste real money on that sort of thing.

Okay. I think this is getting long enough. Ta-ta for now!

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