Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here, I've done it again! It seems I can never keep on top of this thing. But oh well. Okay, so I was wondering how I was doing blog-wise. I read a help file on questing a few weeks ago and found that publishing answers and guides to quests is a huge violation and can result in permanent kicking from the entire game. Yikes! So I went through all of my posts and it seems that I'm alright. I mean, I could be getting pretty close to the line by saying which denizen gives gold and such, but I haven't actually given any information on how to get the gold, so we're good there.

On another note, all's going well. For starters, I found a hidden village south of the Muurn river valley about 2 months ago. Can't quite remember what it's called, but it sure was interesting. Then I was taken to the bottom of Manara Burrow, into a hidden tunnel and down into a lava-filled place. Not sure what THAT was called either, but I at least died there.

Progress note: I've almost transed in Groves. I'm so excited. I gained my golem probably a week ago and just received harmonic dampening about 2 days ago. Now all I have left is hypercure and portability and I'll be transed! Less than 50% left in the current skill level. As for meta, I've gotten my jaguar, which has been REALLY nice, since now everything dies in about 2/3 as many hits.

Apart from the war and my progress, not a lot is happening, so I'll hang it up here.

Oh, that's level 74 I think. Things are starting to slow down experience-wise.

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